Hire Database Administrator

Hire Database Administrator

Hire Database Administrator

Expertfromindia offers database administrator services to help you manage, store and retrieve information from databases in the way your business requires and implementing custom databases that are robust, secure and efficient. One of the most important factors in managing databases is managing the performance – it’s ability to store and retrieve data instantly as and when the application’s code calls for it. Hire DBA experts and gain the benefits of 70% of cost savings for your business. Dedicated DBA ensures that the database is customized as per your business logic.

Hire dedicated open source developer:

  • MsSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySql

Technical Skills

  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server , MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL & SQL Lite
  • Concepts: Database Normalization, Database Partitioning, Database Mirroring / Replication, Indexing, Log Shipping, Agile Methodologies, SDLC Methodologies, etc.
  • Tools: SQL Profiler, SQL Management Studio, MySQL Workbench, Git, SVN, Jira, Basecamp, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX/LINUX & Mac

What we do in Database Administration

  • Install & Configure Database Servers
  • Database Backup, Restoration & Disaster Recovery
  • Ensuring proper backup and recovery methods are implemented & maintained
  • Database Upgrades
  • Database Clustering, Mirroring, Log Shipping, etc.
  • Database Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Database Performance Tuning & Optimization (Identification and correction of performance bottlenecks to ensure peak performance)

Easy Steps to Hire

  • You begin by identification of the type of DBA that you required.
  • Depending on how much work, you can hire on full-time, hourly or project basis.
  • You can effective Communicate with the DBA before making the decision of hiring him.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can start working, and they will send you updates daily.
  • We will monitor the delivery in the background to ensure your needs.

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